Personal Profile

Brent Heist is the founder of The Heist Law Firm LLC. Brent obtained his Master of Law (LLM) in Charleston, South Carolina. Having passed two bar exams in the states of South Carolina and New Jersey, Brent advocates on behalf of those who are victims of matters of negligence. If you need help deciding on an attorney in South Carolina, go look at Brent's Google reviews. Brent handles cases for clients all throughout the great state of South Carolina.

Brent is a contributor to the community and volunteers at 180 Place in Charleston. When Brent is not working for his clients, he enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors.

Heist Law Firm

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you are injured in a car accident following these simple steps can help protect your rights:

  1. Talk to the Police or call 911 if hurt. Make sure you get a copy of the collision report and give the officer a detailed description of what happened.
  2. Gather the Facts. Make sure you get any witness information, take pictures, and get the other party’s insurance information.
  3. See a Doctor. It’s important to see a doctor or go to the hospital anytime you are in a car accident. Often, symptoms may take time to develop, so see a qualified doctor as quickly as possible after your car accident, even if you aren’t sure you are hurt, it is important.
  4. Don't think twice, BANK ON HEIST. (843) 732-8141. I will give you a free consultation.
  5. If the insurance company calls you make sure to tell them you have representation and don’t talk about the accident.

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Connect With Us

Whether you're facing a legal challenge or seeking advice, Brent is here for you. Reach out anytime for a dedicated, personal consultation. Your peace of mind starts with a conversation.

Heist Law Firm
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Client-Centered Advocacy
and Personal Commitment

During his law career, Brent has been a part of settling thousands of cases, which resulted in compensation for his clients. Clear, concise, and consistent communication is the cornerstone of his approach to clients. Brent believes in being available to his clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Brent fights hard for his clients and is not afraid to litigate. Brent prides himself on his integrity, doing what is in the client’s best interest and fighting for his clients even if this means litigation.

Your Advocate in Auto Claims

If you are a victim of an auto claim, The Heist Law Firm LLC will not collect a cent unless the client does. There isn't any money due upfront, and Brent tries to get the claim settled as quickly as possible, depending on his client's needs. Brent will be handling your case personally, and will give his cell phone number to his clients the day they are signed. Brent Heist is the responsible attorney for all outcomes for his clients.

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